April 19, 2024

Guidelines for Features

Femmeliterate invites contributions for any of the following features. Please use the contact form below to query or send the full text of your submission.

Women Writers Reading

Goal: For established writers to share books that inspire, provoke, or astound them.

In between 100 – 500 words (or however long you like), provide a review, reflection, or free association on a book you’re currently reading or have recently read. Any genre accepted; the only requirement is that it promote some productive way to think about women, feminism, gender equality, or social justice. Send your thoughts, your headshot, and a brief bio to accompany the review.

Feminist Reads

Goal: For any femmeliterate reader to share an inspiring, provocative, or memorable piece of work.

In between 50 – 300 words, give a shout out to something you’ve read, seen, or recently experienced that promotes feminist literacy, civil rights, or humane thought. This can be written, oral, or aural material, a song, a film, an art installation, an article, a not-for-profit, anything you think deserves press for advancing the femmeliterate cause. Send your brief bio along with the feature. We want to know what our readers are reading!

The Feminists are Teaching

Goal: For feminist teachers to share texts particularly suited to advancing classroom or community discussions on gender equality, social justice, and equal rights.

In between 300 – 1000 words, distill the content and aims of a text you’d like to see in more feminist classrooms. Feel free to point out any aspects you think teachers can make use of. Send your brief bio along with your review.

The Motherhood MFA

Goal: To open an honest discussion about feminist parenting and the challenges of juggling writing and family lives.

In between 200 – 500 words (or however long it takes), provide a rant, a story, a meditation, a cri de coeur, or any honest sentiment about what you’ve experienced or witnessed as a parent trying to write, trying to lead a literary life, or trying to encourage feminist literacy in future generations. Send a little bit about you along with your feature.

Use the following form to suggest a feature or send the full text of your review. Thank you for joining the conversation!